The Truth About Filing for Divorce in South Florida

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South Florida Divorce

Nowadays filing for divorce is not as bad as going to the dentist. That is unless you live in South Florida.

You would think that being that a divorce process is as simple as completing a bunch of forms, notarizing them and filing them that the courts in South Florida would have figured out how to make it easier for people to do it without having to hire an attorney.

To a certain extent they have tried but in my opinion they have failed in the execution.

Their attempt is called the infamous “Self Help Program”.

And while they have helped many people, the process and time it takes to go through their system simply sucks.

Miami Dade Divorce Pro-Se Process

First you have to purchase a $65 packet of empty forms.

Second you must return to their office with an appointment and get the forms approved. The appointments are typically 30 days after.

Third you have to go outside and make copies of the forms they approved. You CANNOT bring copies already made to your appointment. That will be a waste of time for you.

Fourth you have to go back to the court (another floor) and make a long line to turn the forms in.

Fifth if you are filing a divorce by summons then you will need to drive to another location to bring the documents to the sheriff. Then you will need to return to the court after the 20 calendar days have passed to file the rest of the documents.

Sixth you will need to wait for a hearing which may take 2-3 months.

Pro Se Broward Divorce Process

In Broward they don’t require an appointment and their divorce packets are cheaper however they include every single form you could potentially need even if you are 100% sure you know what type of divorce you need.


Lucky for those needing assistance with a Broward divorce process, companies like Simple Divorce Services make the process much simpler and less time consuming.

It’s not unusual to have a friend or two going through the divorce process at the same time.

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